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The demo is a non-playable version of the game that shows the following things when started:



The enix logo is shown afterwards the intro plays with the six scenes:

afterwards the titlescreen is shown where you can either press start to continue or wait a certain time then it will automatically continue.

Resurrection Scenes

It will now show all the game's resurrection scenes in a row. After all have been shown the game returns to the enix logo again.

Additional Information

As the original game is four times the size of the demo and most of the space was used for the intro and resurrection scenes not much other stuff is left in the ROM.

  • Text for items is present
  • Item data is present
  • Enemy data is present
  • Experinces data is present
  • All maps/worldmaps have been removed from the game
  • A lot of internal offsets are different from any other version of the game
  • Various scripts of the game are left in