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The game allows for three save files and keeps a backup of each one.

Each save file uses 1278 bytes but is aligned to 1280 in SRAM.

Checksum Code:

u16 x = 0x5236;
u16 y = 0x5236;

for( int i=0; i<1278; i+=2 )
  x += *(u16*)(SaveFile+i);
  y ^= *(u16*)(SaveFile+i);


When deleting a save file the game writes 0xFFFE to the first word and leaves the rest untouched.



Offset Length (byte) Description
0x000 2 Map ID
0x010 5 Name
0x01C 5 Name
0x048 2 Equipped item
0x04A 2 Equipped weapon
0x04C 2 Equipped armor
0x090 4 4 Experience (BCD)
0x0A4 1 Text speed (1-5)
0x0B6 1 Window color (0-2)
0x0C0 288 Event Flags
0x1E0 16 Magirocks
0x4FA 2 Checksum ADD
0x4FC 2 Checksum XOR