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Messages are parsed bytewise, if the 8th bit is set it is a special command.


A byte is converted to the command opcode like this

( Byte << 1 ) & 0x7F
Opcode Length (byte) Function
0x00 (0xC0) 1 Resets the text frame
0x02 (0xC1) 1 Automatically resizes the text frame
0x04 (0xC2) 6 Text frame settings
Offset Name
0 Position X
1 Position Y
2 Offset in VRAM to GFX?
3 Sprite offset in VRAM?
4 Draws on the BG when changed?
0x08 (0xC4) 1 Enable/Disable text frame
0x0A (0xC5) 1 Wait frames
0x0C (0xC6) 1 Change color: 0:white, 4:yellow
0x0E (0xC7) 2 Control text type sound
Offset Name
0 0xFF Disable, anything else Enable
0x10 (0xC8) 1 Type speed setting
0x12 (0xC9) 1 Fill with spaces
0x14 (0xCA) 3 ?
0x16 (0xCB) 2 ?
0x18 (0xCC) 3 Call text
0x1A (0xCD) 2 displays a value from RAM
0x1C (0xCE) 2 displays an indexed value from RAM
0x1E (0xCF) 1 New line
0x26(0xD3),0x28(0xD4),0x2E(0xD7) 1 Message end
0x2A (0xD5) 1 waits
0x34 (0xDA) 1 clear box
0x38 (0xDC) 1 default(or end change color) color
0x4A (0xE5) 2 Word placeholder, inserts a word from the table at 0x120000
0x4B (0xE6) 2 Word placeholder, inserts a word from the table at 0x120000

Non-Command Bytes

Value Char
0x20 (space)
0x3B ü
0x3C ä
0x3D Ä
0x3E ö
0x3F Ö
0x5B Ü
0x5D ¿
0x5E ¡
0x5F ß
0x60 ?
0x61 (
0x62 )
0x6D !
0x6E ,
0x6F :
0x76 \
0x77 =
0x7B +
0x7C -
0x7E &
0x7F .

The other values are converted by adding 0x20 to them.