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Note: Most information is taken from this video and video and game magazine covering Terranigma.

Note: I try to make each picture available in the best possible way but sadly most are just pictures from the internet.

Whatever has those green decorations I kinda consider beta stuff while being level 34 is usually an indication for the debug version.

Different Health Calues

Within the Japanese instruction booklet there are multiple screenshots that show different values for health.

Level Normal Pre-Release
1 28 28/20
2 33 31/24/25
3 39 34
4 47 38
5 52 41
6 59 45
7 65 50
8 72 53
9 79 60
12 102 74
16 134 115
34 432 297
36 532 324
37 589 356

Different Enemy Health Values

Name Normal Pre-Release
Huball 4 10

Decorations Around The UI Interface

This is printed on the back of the AUS/UK release and found in a French magazine:

Aus back.jpgUk back.jpg Fr meg 2.png

Green Weapon

There are no green weapons available to the player at the point in the game.

There are only these two green weapons in the game: Sticker [Zue], BlockRod [Siberia]

Note: The green weapon also appears a lot in underworld screenshots within the instruction booklet.

Fr meg 1.png

Beta Tower

Tower beta.png

Beta Tower 4 Map

In the final version the bottom row has no spikes instead, also the frame is blue instead of green.

There also seem to be a lot more enemies around.

Tower 4 map beta.pngBeta tower 2.png

Beta Tower 4 Map

In the final version there is no pot nor a huball.

Tower 4 map beta 2.png

Beta Unknown Town

This seems to be unused in the final version.

Unknown town beta.pngUnknown town beta 2.png

Beta Town Progression

In the final version progression past the first step doesn't have normal houses.

Town prog beta.png

A lot more houses in this version than the final one.

Worldmap russia pre.pngWorldmap russia fin.png

Climbing Tower

A lot is "wrong" with this picture (taken from a French magazine):

  1. You don't have the claws in the underworld
  2. Only special surfaces are climbable
  3. Only tower 5 has no windows which means there is nowhere to go

Note: The engine does support any tile to be any surface type, but you still need claws to climb claw-surface.

Fr meg 3.pngTower climb beta.png

This is similar but instead of using the claw-climbing this is using rope/chain-climing, with no rope/chain in-place.

Video climb.png

"Wrong Tower"

When entering the first Tower on the map, though it also says Tower 1, it is actually the Tower 5 model. Since this is the only Tower without any windows.

Head On Tower Top

In this version the head, which is now on the door, was at this position.

Video tower head.png

Debug Magic Menu

Since this shows all rings and pin magic, it might be a debug menu. Which also doesn't seem to be in the game anymore.

At this point in the game you don't have access to most of rings/pins on the menu. (also note the UI framing)

Video spells.png

UI Frame And Low Level

Ark has just level six in both these pictures which is too low for those places, also with just 45 HP in the final game at level six you have 59.

Also after getting hit from stormkeeper Ark only takes 1 damage from a level 15 boss.

Ark has the green weapon in those pictures as well.

Video cm stormk.pngVideo cm castle.png

You can not have this spell with level six.

Spell beta 2.png

Beta Unused Item

In quite a few screenshots some kind of hammer can been seen being equipped, this is no longer in the final version of the game at all.

Unknown item 1.png

Beta Plane Design

The plane is red and looks different from the final version

Beta plane 1.pngBeta plane 2.pngBeta plane 3.pngBeta plane 4.png

Beta Weapons

Some that were removed from the final version

Beta weapons.png

Beta Items

Some that were removed from the final version

Beta items.png

Beta Armor

Some that were removed from the final version

Beta armor.png

Beta Oddities

You seem to have the ship but no harbours are around?

Beta ship no habour.png

This place can't be reached in the pre flower stage

Beta unreachable.png

Fighting the ghost with level one?

Beta ghost 1.pngBeta ghost 2.pngBeta ghost 3.png

No Magicrocks?

There is yet to see any beta screenshot showing a magicrock, the eating challenge also has the reward in a chest instead of a magicrock.

Beta Room Changes

Some rooms have tiny changes like a removed pot sometimes the whole room changed.

Ark's Room

A pot got removed.

Beta ark room.png

Normads Tent

The tent is blue and the room layout changed.

Beta normads tent.png

Louran Zombie Event

The layout changed also the trigger for the event changed places.

Beta louran event.png


This place is way more detailed than the final version also has more NPCs, also the house looks different the grass also has different texture.

Crysta beta.png Beta crysta 2.png

Town Design

The textures of the ground and the houses changed.

Unknown town beta 3.png

Elder's room

In the final version the vase at the top right and the white object(which is also not in the tile set of the map anymore) on the left side are removed.

Furthermore this is showing the old chest design.

Video elder item.png


Basically the whole map is different except the flower.

Beta sanc 2.png


Different stone texture.

Beta sanc 3.png


The table in front of the bird is different, also the save book looks different.

Beta sanc.png

Castle Eating Challenge

The reward seems to be in an old designed chest and not like in the final version a Magicrock.
The carpet is red instead of blue and the tables look completely different as well as the floor texture is changed.

Beta eating reward.pngBeta eating tables.png

Door Room Version

The room has only three doors instead of five and an overall red tint in this version. A red beam appears in the middle.

Video cm doors.pngDoor room beta 1.png