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This hack turns the game into a boss rush of the 10 bosses listed below.

Simply talk to the girl and continue trough the door and defeat the bosses.

The game will give you new armor and weapons after each encounter as well update your level, so don’t forget to equip them!

In the case you should die you will be transported to a room with exits to each boss which are counted from the top left to bottom right.

1. Shadow Keeper 
2. Parasite 
3. Dark Twins 
4. Stormkeeper 
5. Dark Morph 
6. Bloody Mary 
7. Big Fish 
8. Hitoderon 
9. Security Robot  
10.Dark Gaia 

There is also a computer in the middle of the room where you can restock supplies.

Current Features: Version 0.4

  • Enemies no longer give XP
  • Removed level up dialog



Hack Information


Items  : Heilknolle, Wunderknolle
Weapons: Hexagonstab, Kristallspeer
Armor  : Titaniumweste
Level  : 3


Items  : Heilknolle, Wunderknolle, Riesenblätter
Weapons: Sonnenstab 
Armor  : Waldweste
Level  : 5

Dark Twins

Items  : Heilknolle, Wunderknolle, Greifenklaue
Weapons: Granitspeer
Armor  : Sonnenrüstung
Level  : 9


Items  : 
Weapons: Dornenlanze
Armor  : Federanzug
Level  : 13

Dark Morph

Items  : 
Weapons: Löwenklaue, Flammenstab
Armor  : Eispanzer
Level  : 15

Bloody Mary

Items  : 
Weapons: Silberspeer, Strahlenlanze
Armor  : Platinrüstung
Level  : 25

Big Fish

Items  : 
Weapons: Dreizack, Eispickel
Armor  : 
Level  : 25


Items  : 
Weapons: Seelenbrecher, Planetenbrecher, Drachenspeer
Armor  : Ninjaweste, Nixenmantel
Level  : 25


Items  : 
Weapons: Narrenstab, Aurastab, Xenosspeer
Armor  : Seelenpanzer
Level  : 25

Dark Gaia

Items  : 3xGötterknolle
Weapons: Elfenbeinlanze
Armor  : 
Level  : 32