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The game uses objects to store runtime information about sprites and scripts, e.g. size and position of a sprite, or the current script address. Each object has a handle in range 0x1000...0x1F80, in steps of 0x40, allowing for a maximum of 63 objects. Object data is stored in chunks of 0x1000 bytes at various places in RAM. Objects are created by declaration in the Map Object Header or by script command.

Object Data

Offsets must be added to the object handle to get the memory address.

Table at 7E1000
Offset Size Description
7E1000 2 X Position (signed)
7E1002 2 Y Position (signed)
7E1004 2 Interaction Flags
Value Description
8000 Invisible
4000 Set when player is off screen
2000 Unknown
1000 Unknown
0800 Unknown
0400 Player
0200 Enemy
0100 Unknown
0080 Makes object intractable
0040 Makes object intractable and pauses its script
0020 Unknown
0010 not attacking (0 while attacking)
0008 Shielding
0004 Interacts with map
0002 Projectile
0001 Blockable by shield
7E1006 2 Handler Invocation Mask
7E1008 2 Sprite Flags
Value Description
8000 V-Flip
4000 H-Flip
7E100A 3 Script Pointer, also used for reentry
7E100E 2 Reentry Delay in frames
7E1012 1 Bank for bounds data (used with ptr at 7F000A)
7E1016 2 Elevation level (sprites on different levels can't hit each other)
7E102C 2 Previous Object in List
7E102E 2 Next Object in List
Table at 7F1000
Offset Size Description
7F100A 2 Pointer to Bounding Rect Table [ROM], used with bank at 7E0012
Bounding Rect Table
Offset Size Description
0 4 Map Collision Rect
4 4 Attack Collision Rect
8 4 Defense Collision Rect
Offset 0 1 2 3
Value Left Width Top Height

Values are signed 8 bit pixel coordinates, relative to the object's X and Y position.

7F1018 2 Movement dx
7F101A 2 Movement dy
Table at 7F2000
Offset Size Description
7F2022 2 Fighting Data Ptr [ROM], Bank: 8D
7F202A 2 Current HP

Double Linked List

Objects are organized in a double linked list. The list defines, among other things, the order in which scripts run.

Double Linked List
Offset Description
0DFA First entry
0DFC Last entry
object[2C] Predecessor
object[2E] Successor