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This is a practise ROM hack.

Quick Start

Load the ROM and wait till you are in game.

Current Features:

  • Open Practise Menu: Start + A (While looking up)
  • Teleport to office: Start + Y
  • Timer
  • Most items, weapons and armors are already collected
  • Change item/weapon/armor: Open menu highlight item you want to change and press R to cycle through all items
  • Unlimited item usage
  • Money shows current RNG value
  • UI always shows
  • Lots of money
  • World has been modified to have more connections and easier paths between areas
  • There are two houses that can be used to teleport between continents
  • Quite a few cutscenes have been removed
  • The game is set to be in the end state you can directly go to DG from the overworld portal

Practise Menu Features

  • Set your level
  • Teleport to a selection of maps
  • Reset RNG to all zero

Buggy Features

  • It is now possible to enter/leave land with the ship on any place but it's a bit buggy, it causes some glitches in the underworld

Experimental Features

  • Save state with: Save: Start+L, Load: Start+R

Known Issues

  • A savebook can appear on the map
  • Saving a state while ark is doing an animation will cause a freeze (like the idle animation)
  • When changing your level any potions' effects are lost, also are any gained due equipment. Unequip stat-changing equipment before changing a level
  • Save/load does not work (won't fix)
  • Turning an empty slot into an item can freeze the game when you turn a big bulb into anti-poison
  • After using the last item the icon disappears but it can still be used
  • The timer can appear stuck when in menu or talking but it does continue


Version 0.7 ALPHA [Public]

  • Added timer
  • Removed most of the opening to get faster into the game

Version 0.6 ALPHA [Public]

  • Removed key times
  • Adjusted Event Flags
  • Optimized savestate code