Map Exit Format

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A list of pointers is stored at 0x18000 with two bytes per Map. The value is then added to 0x10000 where the actual exit information is stored.

Exit information is parsed until position x is 0xFF.

Entry format

Each entry is 12 (0x0C) bytes.

Offset Length (byte) Name
0x00 1 Position X (in 16x16 Tiles)
0x01 1 Position Y (in 16x16 Tiles)
0x02 1 Size X (in 16x16 Tiles)
0x03 1 Size Y (in 16x16 Tiles)
0x04 2 Map ID
0x06 1 Transition Effect
0x07 1 Direction
0x08 2 Destination X (in pixels)
0x0A 2 Destination Y (in pixels)