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TerraFluky is Terranigma randomizer.

Quick start

  • Defeat Dark Gaia to beat the game
  • Starstones are now obtained by beating certain bosses or completing certain areas, you can find out where you have to go by reading the Royal letter or checking the board in Loire.
  • Several cutscenes have been removed, also many overworld crossing have been streamlined
  • Greatlakes no longer requires the Ring, RaTree can be re-entered any time, you no longer need the claws to exit the goat cave.
  • Beruga's Tower and the Airship are no longer required, after resurrection you can go directly to the underworld
  • There is a new area in Eklemata, it is at the bottom of the avalanche map
  • There is a new area in Dragoon Castle, go to the left and trigger the secret switch
  • Mushroom, Scarf and Tin Sheet count as chests and those place are included in the randomizer pool
  • The airplane has been turned into an item that has to be used before you can use it
  • The Sharp Claws, Red Scarf, Ra Dewdrop and Snowgrass Leaf are now obtained from chests rather their original locations (The Ra DewDrop and Snowgrass Leaf locations have chests added at their locations)
  • Weapons/Armor are progressive and you will find stronger ones the more you find
  • Enemies give three times the experience
  • Enemies are automatically adjusted to your level so you can go anywhere in any order
  • Slicer damage has been reduced to deal minimal damage
  • The star stone skeleton holds an item now
  • For more detailed information see below

Known Bugs

  • Lumina - The chest is only present in state 3 of the map (Won't fix). You can enter/leave the tree to get to state 3 easily.
  • Some locations that don't have a star stone will still say a star stone was obtained (probably fix).

Known Softlocks

  • Zue - Jumping down certain places can leave you in a softlock state without the claws (Won't fix)
  • Grecliff - Entering a certain area without the claws can leave you semi softlocked, you can deathwarp to escape. (Won't fix)

Current Features: Version 0.10

Randomizes all the chests in the overworld except the following items and chest locations, also all key items have been added to the pool as well as the airplane (Airplane Parts) is now obtained through a random chest.

Black Opal
Sleep Potion
Jail Key
Royal Letter
Engagement Ring

Elder's Room
Fire Rings (OOB)
Litz Ship Storage
Missing chest (Safarium 0x4D)
Tower 1 - 3rd Floor 
Tower 2 - 1st Floor  
Tower 2 - 2nd Floor  
Tower 3 - 1st Floor 
Tower 3 - 4th Floor 
Tower 4 - -1st Floor 
Tower 4 - 2nd Floor 
Tower 4 - 3rd Floor 

Removed Cutscenes

  • Ship gain quest
  • Meilin in Liotto
  • Castle with picture scene
  • Bird, Animals and Human resurrection cutscene
  • Portal cutscene
  • Obtaining Snowgrass Leaf
  • Obtaining Ra Drop
  • 2nd Goat cutscene
  • Castle chain control room cutscene
  • Eklemata snow show
  • Yomi sees zombies
  • Sewer four cutscenes, can directly open door with key present
  • Yomi sees Yeti
  • Stockholm resurrection cutscene
  • Great Lakes Cavern cutscene
  • Ra Tree Cave cutscene
  • Sewer cutscene
  • Scarf cutscene
  • Loran innkeeper

Removed Content

  • Underworld Towers
  • Leim's quest
  • Ship fetch quest
  • Ring fetch quest
  • The skeleton in the desert no longer has a Starstone
  • Events before Bloody Mary fight
  • Louran pre-bed Meilin, can directly go to bed
  • Removed three chests from one Ra Tree map (0x132)

Added Content

  • Added two previously unused maps back to the game, which have a total of three chests. They are in a cave in Eklemata, where Ark is hit by the avalanche.
  • An unused room in Dragoon Castle has been added. The room is in the top left area of the castle. Activating the secret switch will open a passway in the middle of the map. This map has three chests.
  • The center board in Loire will tell you the locations of the starstones

Other Changes

  • Hard stones are now breakable by any weapon
  • Twin Birds isn't farmable anymore
  • All enemies give triple the XP, except bosses and the parasite spawns and borfes
  • Exit block removed in Mermaid Tower
  • Stone blocking exit after obtaining the rock spear removed
  • Added a path from Savannah to Sahara
  • Moved the NPC that blocks the way in the Dragoon Castle as well the one in Loire Castle
  • Weapons/Armor are progressively upgraded via randomly placed items from chests
  • Noodle King game is always available
  • Added path to the newly accessible cave in Eklemata
  • Portrait changed into random weapon
  • Mushroom changed into random weapon
  • Tin Sheet changed into random weapon
  • Starstones are randomly distributed at the following locations: Ra Tree, Grecliff, Zue, Eklemata, Mermaid Tower, Sylvain Castle, Great Lakes Cavern, Beruga's Lab, Airsrock, Neo Tokyo (Sewer), Louran (Meilin) and Northpole (Penguin)
  • Lab Tower is directly accessible (after airplane)
  • Asterika's back room is always accessible
  • The last door in the Lab Tower is now unlock be completing the resurrection event
  • Dark Gaia 1 and 2 have fixed randomness pre seed
  • (DEBUG BUILD ONLY) START+SELECT teleports you back to Loire unless the game crashed, this is only for testing and can be removed at any time. Also any bugs hat happen due teleport won't be fixed!

Current Start Items

Crystal Spear
Royal Letter

Armor Progression Items

Order Name Name Defense Effect
0 Waldweste Leafsuit 8 Immune to poison
1 Felljacke Fur coat 14 Immune to Freeze, 75% less Ice damage
2 Silberrüstung SlvrVest 26 Immune to poison
3 Silberpanzer Slvrarmor 35
4 Nixenmantel Sea Mail 43
5 Seelenpanzer 48 Immune to Curse, +40HP
6 Shogunrüstung Kingarmor 50 None
7 Aurapanzer 65 Immune to a lot, +40HP, -12STR, +11DEF

Weapon Progression Items

Order Name Name Attack Element
0 Sonnenstab Ra Spear 6 None
1 Strahlenlanze LightRod 15 Light
2 Eispickel Icepick 25 Ice
3 Nixenlanze SeaSpear 37 Ice
4 Narrenstab 3PartRod 48 None
5 Naginata Fauchard 58 None
6 Elfenbeinlanze HeroPike 80 None

Enemy Scaling

Enemies are scaled to your level via the following formula:

PlayerLevel / EnemyLevel * Value * 1.2




Version 0.10 [Public]

  • Ship as start item
  • New scaling logic
  • Ra tree requires leaf
  • Fixed patches
  • Fixed slicer dmg
  • Australia is now only reachable via the airplane
  • Airplane added as an item to the item pool
  • Removed Alaska <-> Australia overstep
  • Disabled autoheal from weapons
  • Ship automatically available
  • Airplane icon changed to airplane parts
  • Increased enemy power by 20%
  • Removed Asterika as a possible star stone location
  • Added Asterika chest
  • Asterika chest is always there
  • The Flower girl and the lottery changed their business model and now offer something other than flowers!
  • Pretty Flower added to the item pool
  • Added star stone skeleton as a chest location
  • Added Airsrock as new possible star stone location
  • New start location
  • Removed ship item from the game
  • Renamed the airplane item to "Airp"
  • Starstone locations are now on the letter which you can find in the inventory. The information is also still on the board as before.
  • Fixed missing weapon upgrade items (Only 4 were in the game now there are 7)
  • Armor is now progressive and can be upgraded 7 times
  • Simplified bird cutscene after resurrection
  • Removed a few cutscenes
  • Reduced hero armor to 60def
  • Changed all item names to be english
  • Fixed armor/weapon progression items from star stone skeleton
  • Adjusted logic to not put any money at AddItem function locations
  • Beautified english item name list thanks to Jman420
  • Fixed an issue with the 3partrod
  • Fixed the corrupted tiles in Ra Tree that happened after collecting either of the chest in the secret treasure room. [HOTFIX: 13.11.2020 ]

Note: Changes for versions 0.7 to 0.9 are lost to due time

Version 0.6b [Public]

  • Removed Yomi sees yeti cutscene
  • Removed first Ra Tree cutscene
  • Removed Loire Inn cutscene
  • Removed Great Lakes Cavern cutscene
  • Removed first part of gem picture cutscene
  • Removed Stockholm resurrection cutscene [HOTFIX-05-08-2018:01:24]
  • Removed events before Bloody Mary [HOTFIX-05-08-2018:19:26]
  • Changed the gate in Tower 2 to be destructible [HOTFIX-05-08-2018:12:15]
  • Fixed Mermaid Tower deathwarp location [HOTFIX-05-08-2018:12:57]
  • Removed Tin Sheet, Mushroom, Red Scarf, Portrait and replaced them with other items
  • Updated logic fixed some bugs within

Version 0.6a [Public]

  • Removed four sewer cutscenes, can go directly through door with the key and directly pickup the Starstone
  • Removed snow show cutscene
  • Removed Yomi sees zombies cutscene
  • Removed Tower 1 cutscene
  • Fixed bugs in logic
  • Fixed chests requirements
  • Fixed Stockholm's invisible wall for good
  • Removed all fanfares when opening chests
  • Moved one Starstone to Megatron

Version 0.6 [Public]

  • Fixed Twin Birds being possible to be killed again also setting animals to be saved
  • Removed Norfest cutscene
  • Removed guy blocking entrance in Dragoon Castle
  • Removed some Lab cutscenes
  • Fixed secret stuff
  • Maybe fixed Stockholm?
  • Used new logic to place chests

Version 0.5d [Public]

  • Fixed only being to open one of a certain two chests (0x18A, 0x13E)
  • Fixed damage of tiny robots after Megatron kill
  • Fixed the world map
  • Fixed secret stuff
  • Fixed opening music
  • Fixed Stockholm wolves maybe
  • Removed the 2nd goat cutscene
  • Removed the castle chain control cutscene
  • Removed incorrect Quatros location
  • Added two old maps with a total of three new chests to the game in the Eklemata area, near the place with the avalanche
  • Added additional path to the old maps

Version 0.5c [Public]

  • Fixed entrance to Zue

Version 0.5b [Public]

  • Fixed Twin Birds multiple killing
  • Fixed Storm Keeper
  • Fixed saving
  • Fixed Airsrock after ship cutscene, which also fixes entrance to the underworld
  • Added back Noodle King minigame
  • Added Ra Drop as an chest item
  • Added some land to make it easier to cross the water in the Ra Tree map
  • Replaced Ra Drop giving flower with a chest
  • Streamlined opening
  • Streamlined after death cutscene
  • Removed Bloody Marry cutscene skip to prevent multiple killings
  • Beruga's Tower is nor directly accessible
  • Other secret things

Version 0.5a [Public]

  • Fixed Lab cut scene
  • Fixed Airsrock not being accessible
  • Fixed Stockholm gate probably
  • Fixed bosses being able to be defeated multiple times
  • Fixed unintentional Luck change in all enemies XP was changed
  • Fixed money drops
  • Fixed invulnerable enemies
  • Removed unused room from pool
  • Removed two more unused chests from pool
  • Changed minimum damage to 30
  • Changed enemies to give tripple experience

Version 0.5 [Public]

  • Removed pre fight cut scenes of Bloody Marry
  • Fixed Crysta gate
  • Fixed Stockholm gate (broken)
  • Added small piece of land to make it easier to access Ra Tree
  • Added secret way to South Africa

Version 0.4f [Public]

  • Set minimum damage to 25
  • Fixed blackscreen at Dark Morph and Storm Keeper
  • Fixed Big Fish fight
  • Removed all fanfare from opening chests
  • Removed unused chest from chest pool

Version 0.4e [Public]

  • Fixed level up message causing missing parts in the border of the screen
  • Changed minimum damage against all enemies to 10
  • Added some missing event flags that get set at the start

Version 0.4d [Public]

  • Fixed death trigger for Dark Morph, Storm Keeper, Twin Birds, Bloody Marry
  • Fixed Big Fish spawn trigger
  • Fixed Louran not being accessible
  • Fixed Loire Castle not being accessible
  • Fixed Dragoon Castle not being accessible
  • Fixed guy blocking the way
  • Fixed Ra Tree to be in state three
  • Fixed cutscene to go to state three
  • Actually removed sharp claws from map
  • Removed parts of the goat event
  • Improved item placement logic
  • Added walls to Twin Birds boss level

Version 0.4c [Public]

  • Fixed bug not getting any experience points

Version 0.4b [Public]

  • Fixed bug spawning offscreen when dying

Version 0.4 [Public]

  • Removed Sharp Claws from map
  • Added Sharp Claws as an chest item
  • Added most key items to the randomness pool
  • Added the Ship as an chest item
  • Added the Snowgrass Leaf as an chest item
  • Changed start/respawn location to Loire
  • Changed Ra Tree map to be in state three (the previous state two, had no chest)
  • Changed bombs for the airship to be obtained from seven certain bosses
  • Removed flower granting the Snowgrass Leaf item and placed a chest in its place
  • Removed all key items from starting items
  • Removed Ship from starting items
  • Removed level up message box

Version 0.3b [Public]

  • Removed Meilin cutscene in Liotto
  • Removed Leaf area cutscene
  • Added Sharp Claws back
  • Fixed resurrection cutscenes

Version 0.3 [First Public Release]

Version 0.2 [INTERNAL

Version 0.1 [INTERNAL]

  • No randomizing yet
  • Removed Taklama exits
  • Removed Gobi exits
  • Removed Indus River exist, replaced with bridge
  • Removed Colorado exits, replaced with bridge
  • Set start point next to island at the top right
  • Added the following items:
Hex Rod
Elle Cape