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Unused Maps

The game has space for 1104 map IDs, yet 214 of those are empty (which are almost 20%). This might imply that parts were removed or not implemented at all.

The unused maps that are left in the game are one test level and a few maps.

Collision Test Level, ID: 6

This level features collisions tiles seemingly placed randomly.

The Dark Gaia's model with an incorrect AI script (0x8ED86E enemy ID 79 the Colossus (Green)) can be found at the top left, due the wrong script the NPC will behave broken. Terranigma map 6.png

Tower rooms, ID: 0xBA, 0xBB, 0xBC

Though all three maps are connect there is no exit that leads to the first part (left).

The exit of the left room (0xBA) leads to 0xB3 which only has one exit leading to 0xB7, the tower that leads to a single chest

None of the chest contain anything, they can't be opened as there is no chest information for this map ID.

Tower 1.pngTower 2.pngTower 3.png

Eklemata, ID: 0x181, 0x183

Both map have enemies, working chests and one also has a magirock (ID:27) on it yet neither have any exit information.

Eklemata unused 1.png

This map in it's current state is also broken, the tiles next to the ropes make it impossible to get on them.

Eklemata unused 2.png

Unknown Houses in Litz (0x0394, 0x03A8)

Both also have the exit within the walls.

Litz House 3A8.pngLitz House 394.png

Police and Jail in Liberty (Modern), 0x36C, 0x36D

Though these rooms have working entrances and exits which can be enabled by setting certain event flags they normally can't be accessed and no NPC are implemented for these rooms either.

Terra police.png Terra police jail.png

Unknown Shop in Suncoast, ID: 0x3F1, 0x3FF

Though these rooms have working entrances and exits which can be enabled by setting certain event flags they normally can't be accessed and no NPC are implemented for these rooms either.

Shop unk 1.pngShop unk 2.png

These are police stations.

Shop unk out 1.pngShop unk out 2.png

Unused Map Areas

Boss - Dark Gaia, ID: 0x280

A large part of the map is never used, only the part in the red box is ever seen in-game.

Boss unused map part.png

Black Market - Broken cell, ID: 0x382

This seems to be unused also no event flag can trigger this.

Terra broken jail.png

Unused Secret Areas

ID: 0x2C7

The map doesn't have any enemies nor exists but there is a chest behind the top trees, though there isn't any chest information for it. (See below)

Map 02C7.png

ID: 0x2D0

Map 2d0.png

The location of that map on the world map.

Map 2d0 exit.png

ID: 0x20B

There is no map info but two exits leading to this location:

Map 20B exit.png

ID: 0x20D

There is no map info but two enemy birds and exits leading to the same position as 0x2D0:

Map 2d0 exit.png

ID: 0x20E

There is no map info but an exit leading to this location:

Map 20E exit.png

Unused Auto Healing

Both the Crystal Spear and the Hero Pike have auto healing, yet when leaving the underworld a flag gets set that disables auto healing completely for both weapons.

The Hero Pike also heals four times faster than the Crystal Spear.

Unused Items

The game has space for 255 different Items.

41 Entries are empty

20 Entries are called "Item [Item ID]" and do nothing.

13 Entries are unused and listed below:

Only items between id 0 and 127 can have functions assigned to them, which means all the drinks below do nothing.

Also all the other unused items have just stubbed functions and do nothing when used.

ID Icon Name Description
48 Item 48.png Aloe Leaves "Leaves from an aloe plant."
49 Item 49.png Carrot "A carrot."
65 Item 65.png Heaven Statue "Used to summon rainfall."
66 Item 66.png Grass whistle "Made of woven grass."
68 Item 68.png Airplane Parts "No description."
69 Item 69.png Grenade "No description."
70 Item 70.png Beeper "No description."
77 N/A Powered Gear "Enables lifting of heavy objects."
127 N/A Hex Rod "Nothing here."
192 N/A STR Drink "No description."
193 N/A DEF Drink "No description."
194 N/A Life Drink "No description."
195 N/A Luck Drink "No description."

Old Chest Design

This design can also be seen in the Terranigma beta demo video.

The tile set of 0x3AB, 0x3AC and 0x3AD still have this design in them, but none of these maps have any chests.

Terranigma old chest.png

Terranigma old chest nice.png

Unused/Unreachable Exits

These exits are usually not accessible via normal means, there are few in the game.

Ark's Room, ID: 0xF

Directly in the first room of the game there is an exit that would lead you directly before the final boss of the final tower (ID: 0x122).

Ark exit.png

5th Tower Entrance, ID: 0x11C

This map has two exits in the top left area of the map, one leading to map ID 0x11E (2nd Floor of the 5th Tower), the other to the same map ID 0x11C at 256.896.

Tower 5 entrances.png

Castle, ID 0x0426

This leads to the chest room mentioned below.

During a certain event going up to the wall will trigger a message telling you not to go this way, implying this was fully implemented but apparently later removed. It seems they forgot to update the script reflecting the change.

Castle exit 1.png

Castle, ID 0x421

This exit is behind a chest and is also within a wall, it leads to map ID 0x424. (Usually you get to map ID 0x424 from the exit in 0x429)

Castle exit 2.png

Stockholm, ID 0x1F4

Both these doors have working exists, but on both of them are triggers, which are preventing access to them.

The left leads to the actual house and within all doors work normally but there are no NPCs in there.

The right house however has an exit going to map ID 0x201, which is the 'next chapter map' and depending on current state of the game takes you to a different places.

  1. 0x00F - Ark's Room
  2. 0x128 - Portal Overworld (0x04,0x01)
  3. 0x07E - Lhasa Bed (0x0D,0x80)
  4. 0x1F9 - Stockholm - Ark's room (0x30,0x40)
  5. 0x127 - Portal Underowrld (0x35,0x80)

Terra stock broken door.png

Overworld, ID 0x2

This is actually not a 2x1 sized exit but two 1x1 sized exists. The lower one leads to same map and same coordinates except the destination Y value is 1232 while the other ones has 32 and direction 0x60 instead of 0x50.

Exit unused.png

Debug Functions

There are a few debug functions left in the game that normally can't be accessed.


The script offers you three options:

  1. Flight scene (Port to plane map: 5)
  2. Ending (Port to map: 0x26)
  3. Debug:
  • Level 34
  • Hexagonstab, Kristallspeer, Sonnenstab, Granitspeer, Dornenlanze, Löwenklaue, Eispickel
  • Schutzweste, Lederweste, Waldweste, Sonnenrüstung, Federanzug, Felljacke, Eispanzer, Mönchskutte
  • 1 of each Ring/Pin
  • Enables Chest menu usages

Debug Port - 1

This script can port you directly to three different locations:

  1. "French Village"
  2. "Amazon Cave"
  3. "French City" (the script automatically sets the event flags)

In the German version they used "Froschdorf" and "Froschstadt" instead, Frosch means frog.

Debug Port - 2

This script can port you directly to four different locations:

  1. "Dev. Rm" (0x32B)
  2. "Mole" (0x57)
  3. "Chicken" (0x32F)
  4. "Eating" (0xBD)

Debug Port - 3

This script can port you directly to four different locations:

  1. "Sqrl Vil" (0x38E)
  2. "Sqrl C" (0x399)
  3. "NY Town" (0x356)
  4. "NY City" (0x36F)

Debug Port - 4

This script can port you directly to four different locations:

  1. KAIHATU [Quintet]
  2. TATAKI [Lion's Den]
  3. NIWA [Chicken Race]
  4. O-GUI [Eating Challenge]

Event Flags

This script allows you to set event flags counted in bits.

Sound Test

This allows you to play sound effects and music tracks from the game.

This only works in the Japanese and French versions. In the French version all the title names are just blank but it still works.

In all other version trying to call this script will cause a freeze. For some reason the script missing quite a bit of code, also all names point to 00 instead of the 0xD4 text end, trying to draw any title would cause a crash.

Secrets and other oddities

Talking Palm Tree, ID: 0x328

It is actually possible to "talk" to the Palm Tree, which says something different in the German version.

Enix plant jap.png"Haha haha haha haha. I am the mysterious assistant programmer. But my true identity is a secret so that's why I took this form"

Enix plant ger.png "Hello (slang)! I am the [script] writer of the German game."

Enix plant eng.png

Enix plant spa.png

Talking Zombies, ID: 0x1CD

When you crawl under the table in this room the following sequence is triggered, as there is no point in doing that many people might have never found this.

Zombie talk.png

Destroyable wisps that drop money, ID: 0xA

After returning to the underworld speaking to the people turns them into wisps that will try to attack you.

You can use any throw able item to kill them and they have a chance to drop 100/200/300 gold.

This happens due a bug in the game, since it fails to load the correct chances and drop value from the enemy table but instead reads them from 0x8D000D/0x8D000E.

Which maps to the WRAM of the SNES and 0x8D000E can randomly be either of those values.

Crysta whips gold.png

Hidden Publisher Name, ID: 0x2D5

Map enix.png

Hidden Debug Message

These are loaded into VRAM at some points.

? - 1

This is loaded into VRAM as soon as the game is started and never loaded again.

Jap msg.png

? - 2

This is loaded when you enter the Mosque area.

Jap msg 2.png

Angry Turtle, ID: 0x47

After jumping a 2nd time the following message will appear if you jump again the 2nd message will appear.

Once Lhasa is on the map this won't work anymore.

Tg angry 1.png

Tg angry 2.png

Unusable Chests

A few maps have chests that can't be opened.

Secret Areas, ID: 0x2C7, 0x2D2

The map on the right is also unused and has no exits.

Chest nouse.png

Castle Hidden Room, ID 0x432

This room normally can't be accessed, though has a working exit and also an exit leading to this room (ID: 0x426), but the exit is within a wall.

Chest nouse 2.png

Grecliff, ID 0x014A/0x014B

Chest information only exists on map ID 0x014B, so it will look always closed on the other map ID 0x014A.

Grecliff chest 14B.png Grecliff chest 14A.png

Missing Chests

A few maps have chest information but the chest is missing.

Safarium, ID: 0x4D

S.Bulb at X:13 Y:26

Treecave, ID: 0x132

P.Cure at X:31 Y:7

Loran, ID: 0x66

FireRing at X:7 Y:26

Loran, ID: 0x67

FireRing at X:7 Y:26

Quintet Quiz

Only in the Japanese version there is a quiz, where you are rewarded with a magicrock after answering all 18 questions correctly.

The Quiz has been translated in the German, French and Spanish version but is not accessible.

Read about it here .

Pre-release Versions

As recently discovered (27th July 2015) [1] some kind of beta version seems to exist.

This versions has a lot of differences between the final version of the game.

  • Different chest graphic
  • Elder's room has vase and something else lying on the ground
  • Green decoration around the UI
  • Ring menu is an overlay UI selection
  • A very different intro, showing an hatching egg
  • Different sound effects
  • Tower has not yet the climbing chains but you can climb it
  • Recreation room doesn't exist yet, a different animation is shown

Further proof for this is some French magazine which previewed Terranigma had three screenshots from the same or similar version.

No pre-release/beta dumps for Terranigma seem to exist.

More detailed information can be found here.