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In autumn of 1995 ENIX broadcasted a demo version of Terranigma via the BSX system.

Broadcasting schedule

Year Month Day Time Broadcast info Name
1995 10 11-17 21:30 - 22:00 急告!!「天地創造」オンエア! 天地創造(デモ・バージョン)

Extra broadcast information

* 1995/10/ 8 *

Demo contents

The demo version is dumped and released to the public. The content of the demo is explained here.

News Article

An article in Famitsu (Issue 10 and 17, Nov 1995, p. 195) is mentioning the broadcast:

Famitsu Terranigma Demo.jpg


(Title) Provided by the satellite, a drama of the riviving world!

ENIX provides a big autumn present for all Satellaview users! A demo version of "Tenchi Sozo" is now being broadcasted over Super Famicom Hour. Unfortunately, because it is a monumental RPG that occupies 32M bits, the complete playable data cannot be distributed. But it can show you cool reviving scenes and the opening demo. For those who is interested in the game, informed by magazines, don't miss it.

Other than "Tenchi Sozo" demo, a trial version of "Maho Jin Guruguru" and a demo of "Dragon Quest 6" will be broadcasted shortly. Look forward to it!

(Caption 1) Enjoy freely the beautiful opening demo.

(Caption 2) The demo of “Dragon Quest 6” will be broadcasted just before the release day.