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This is a currently unreleased hack that allows you influence the game with various effects using the Crowd Control addon for Twitch.

Known Issues

  • Being Invulnerable can cause the sound bug in certain cutscene while the sound bug is lasting going into the chest will softlock the game

Current Features

  • +1 Strength
  • -1 Strength
  • +1 Defense
  • -1 Defense
  • +1 Luck
  • -1 Luck
  • +100 Gems
  • -100 Gems
  • +1 Magirock
  • -1 Magirock
  • Random Item (No Key Items)
  • Random Key Item
  • Random Pin/Ring
  • Random Weapon
  • Random Armor
  • Give Item
  • Give Key Item
  • Hero Pike
  • Hero Armor
  • Kill Player
  • No menu (60 seconds)
  • No slicer (60 seconds)
  • Confuse Player (60 seconds)
  • Action button shuffle (60 seconds)
  • Low damage (60 seconds)
  • Teleport Worldmap
  • Refill full Health
  • Steal 20 Health
  • Increase Movement Speed (2 minutes)
  • One Hit KO
  • Grant Teleport Protection (2 minutes)
  • Grant Invulnerability (60 seconds)
  • Enemy Invulnerability (No Bosses) (60 seconds)

Change Log

Version 2.0 [Internal]

  • Updated project to support Crowd Control version 2
  • Updated code to work with the latest CC version and their changed functions

Version 1.9a [Internal]

  • Fixed wrong write size for clearing memory offsets
  • Changed offsets for disabling slicer and one hit KO to fix an issue with the randomizer

Version 1.9 [Internal]

  • Rewrote randomness
  • Added fix for world map teleport for randomizer at start of game

Version 1.8 [Internal]

  • Disabled giving the hero arms after obtaining or owning them
  • Fixed some effects from being permanent

Version 1.7c [Internal]

  • It is no longer possible to trigger timed effects while they are in effect
  • Certain effects disable other effects while they are in effect
  • Optimised 'Give Hero Armor/Weapon' code

Version 1.7b [Internal]

  • Optimised code
  • Rewrote adding items code
  • Adjusted code to comply with correct usage of the return status
  • Fixed special armor/weapon not being placed in their special positions
  • Added an extra alive check for 'Kill Player' effect
  • Added more maps to the 'Kill Player'/'Teleport Worldmap' blacklist
  • Added a fallback button layout for 'Action button shuffle'
  • Added Increase Movement Speed effect
  • Added One Hit KO effect
  • Added Give Key Item effect
  • Added Random Key Item effect
  • Added Grant Teleport Protection effect
  • Changed Invulnerability to protect from Kill Player
  • Made Teleport Protection and One Hit KO a resettable effect

Version 1.6b [Internal]

  • Adjusted code to support latest Crowd Control version
  • Fixed some effects from being permanent when triggered multiply times in a row
  • Fixed random armor/weapons placing special armor/weapons into normal slots
  • Completely rewrote the Worldmap Teleport code
  • Added more patterns to Action Button Shuffle
  • Added no-slicer to the resettable options

Version 1.5b [Internal]

  • Fixed Steal Health also reducing your maximum health
  • Fixed Refill Health not using correct RAM offsets
  • Fixed not updating not all luck values in RAM
  • Fixed action button shuffle to be 60 seconds
  • Fixed bug with in-menu check for killing and teleporting
  • Optimised Enemy Invulnerability and fixed it to only affect enemy objects
  • Changed Confuse Player to be 60 seconds instead being triggered once
  • Capped maximum luck at 255
  • Added more maps to teleport blacklist
  • Added more maps to the player kill blacklist
  • Changed teleport destination while being at Dark Gaia 1/2 or the Ragnastone to in front of Crysta