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This list is in progress and incomplete!

Unless stated otherwise towns need 100 progress to be able to advance.

Map ID Expansion ID Tasks
0x00BE - Loire 0x00
Task Location Progress Amount
Obtain Camera Loire - Pierre's (0xd6,0xf5) 20
Vote for Jean Loire (0x00BE) 20
Talk to Matis Loire - Matis's (0x00CC) 20
Give Fancy Clothes to Girls Freedom - Three Girls (0x0355) 20
Give Wine to Girl Freedom - Pub (0x034F) 20

0x03EC - Litz 0x02
Task Location Progress Amount
Give Tinned Sardines to Stoma Freedom - Stoma's (0x0354,0x035D,0x0387) 50
Give Crystal to Craftsman Litz - Crafts (0x0398,0x03A1) 50
Give backrub to dancer NPC (Push from behind after talking) Quatros (0x08C->0x08F)

Freedom 0x04
Task Location Progress Amount
Help Bell invent the telephone Bell's (0x35A) 20
Collect the magirock next to Bell Bell's (0x35A) 20
Help Eddy invent electricity Eddy's (0x34C) 20
Help Eddy invent the lightbulb Eddy's (0x34C) 20
Help Perel complete his Airplane Perel (0x3b9) 20

0x03AE - Nirlake 0x06
Task Location Progress Amount
Give Nirlake Letter to Rich Rich's Room 1 (0x044C) 10
Give Nirlake Letter to Pierre Loire - Pierre's - Room 1 (0xF5) 10
Talk to Mick ? Nirlake - Mick (0x3b3) 10
0x078 - Colo. R 0x08 This requires progress to be 9 to advance
Task Location Progress Amount
Give Log to Guy (repeatable) Colo. R (0x078) 1
0x03EC - Suncoast 0x0A
Task Location Progress Amount
Turn in airplane planes to major of Suncoast Suncoast - Square (0x03F8) 20
Give Tasty Meat to Stoma Freedom - Stoma's (0x0354,0x035D,0x0387) 20
Make and show pictures of Suncoast, Neotokio, Liotto, Yunkou and Loire Tourist in Towns 3x20
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