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Different health values

Within the Japanese instruction booklet multiple screenshots that show different values for health.

Level Normal Pre-Release
1 28 28
2 33 31 (There is also a screenshot with just 24)
3 39 34
4 47 38
6 59 45
12 102 74
16 134 115
34 432 297
36 532 324

Decorations around the UI interface

This is printed on the back of the AUS/UK release and found in a French magazine:

Aus back.jpgUk back.jpg Fr meg 2.png

Green weapon

There are no green weapons available to the player at the point in the game. There are only these two green weapons in the game: Sticker [Zue], BlockRod [Siberia]

Note: The green weapon also appears a lot in underworld screenshots within the instruction booklet.

Also something is wrong with the model, it looks like he attacking up but looks down and wears a mask?

Fr meg 1.png

Climbing tower

A lot is "wrong" with this picture (taken from a French magazine):

  1. You don't have the claws in the underworld
  2. Only special surfaces are climbable
  3. Only tower 5 has no windows which means there is nowhere to go

Note: The engine does support any tile to be any surface type, but you still need claws to climb claw-surface.

Fr meg 3.png

This is similar but instead of using the claw-climbing this is using rope/chain-climing, with no rope/chain in-place.

Video climb.png

Head on tower top

In this version the head, which is now on the door, was at this position.

Video tower head.png

"Old" magic menu

Since this shows all rings and pin magic it might be a debug menu and not the old version of the menu. At this point in the game you don't have access to most of items on the menu. (also note the UI framing) Video spells.png

Elder's room removed objects

In the final version the vase at the top right and the white object(which is also not in the tileset of the map anymore) on the left side are removed.

Furthermore this is showing the old chest design.

Video elder item.png

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