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In the Quintet building there is an NPC offering a quiz that when all 18 questions have been answered correctly will reward you with a magicrock.

This quiz is only accessible in the Japanese version of the game, NPC is not present in any other version of the game, the magicrock was removed as well.

The game has been "translated" in the German, French and Spanish versions of the game, though the questions have been changed and some answer are wrong.


Interaction with the NPC

Text Translation Additional Information
Quiz int 1.png I'm the newbie S-ki, a scary girl from the planning department

who asks people who drop in to take a quiz.

Quiz int 2.png Newbies have to do various odd jobs, and it's pretty tough.


Quiz int 3.png

Do you want to start the Quiz?




Text Translation
Quiz right.png Correct! OK, next question.
Quiz wrong.png Incorrect! Too bad!

Keep trying hard to become a Quintet expert.

Please give the quiz another try!

Text Translation Answer
Quiz q 1.png Is the weapon of the protagonist in Illusion of Gaia a bow? No
Quiz q 2.png Is there a weapon in Robotrek called Soul Blade? Yes
Quiz q 3.png Is the player in Actraiser 2 able to use magic? Yes
Quiz q 4.png Is Quintet haunted? Yes
Quiz q 5.png Are you able to restore your health in Actraiser by using herbs? No
Quiz q 6.png Is the protagonist in Robotrek a treasure-hunter? No
Quiz q 7.png Does the dog called turbo exist because of Soul Blazer? Yes
Quiz q 8.png In ActRaiser, the first stage is Kasandora. No
Quiz q 9.png Do the many beautiful women at Quintet have a good reputation? Yes
Quiz q 10.png In Actraiser 2 is the sister of the protagonist where the save point is? No
Quiz q 11.png Is there a heroine called Lisa in Illusion of Gaia? No
Quiz q 12.png Are all the Quintet-people single? No
Quiz q 13.png Can you buy goods for money in Soul Blazer? Yes
Quiz q 14.png Is the character-design from Illusion of Gaia made by a shojo-drawer? Yes
Quiz q 15.png Do you have to kill the 2-goat-headed monster 4 times? No
Quiz q 16.png Does an item appear if you destroy the portrayal of the goddess in Actraiser? Yes
Quiz q 17.png Does a monster called Natera appear if you throw away the coconut in Soul Blazer? Yes
Quiz q 18.png Is Actraiser a RPG? No

Interaction after completing the Quiz

Text Translation Additional Information
Quiz d 1.png
Quiz d 2.png

Interaction after completing the Quiz and talking to the NPC again

Text Translation Additional Information
Quiz int 4.png
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