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Undying Liam Glitch

Location: Canyon (0x213)

Effect: Liam can't die anymore and keeps getting hit by the birds. This spawns more sprites than can be displayed and when getting close to Liam sprite glitches out and explodes.

After this the bird sprite is corrupted, no further effect is known yet.


  1. Talk to Liam and then leave the screen
  2. Equip the chest
  3. Enter the screen while buffering the chest
  4. Use the fire ring

Example: View

Control Ark in Opening Cutscene

Location: Crysta (0x25) - Opening Cutscene

Effect: Ark can be controlled for about two seconds

Instructions: Press any face button or start/select

Note: Since this is a different map than the real Crysta none of the doors work nor can anything be interacted with.

Example: View

Super Slide

Location: Eklemata (0x017C) - Ice ramp before avalanche

Effect: Ark runs down the ramp a lot faster than normal

Instructions: Press Down, Run, Up in quick order at the "right" time.

Note: There seems to an additional unknown random element required for this to work.

Super slide 1.png Super slide 2.png Super slide 3.png Super slide 4.png

Example: View

Louran - OOB

Location: Louran, Room before Meilin (0x1CF->0x01D0), maybe others?

Effect: The map interaction flag doesn't get set again which means Ark no longer interacts with anything on the map (no collision) including objects like magirocks.


  1. Get diseased by one of the zombies in the room (getting hit twice is usually enough to be diseased)
  2. Be at low enough health that you are about to die when entering the cutscene with meilin
  3. After the cutscene the glitch is triggered


Note: To simplify making the video I set the event flag in memory.


Death Warp

Location: many

Effect: Get ported to last save location instead of cutscene port


  1. Reduce your HP so a single hit from the enemy will kill you
  2. Place yourself on a door trigger
  3. When the enemy is about to hit you jump and hold select, jumping here will give you short invulnerability
  4. Within the menu select a ring to kill the enemy



Control a Chicken

Location: Tower 5, Shadow Keeper

Effect: Be in "control" of the chicken in the cutscene at the end


  1. Reduce your HP so a single hit from the enemy will kill you
  2. Have enough experience so the Shadow Keeper's death will give you a level up
  3. Jump into the enemy and while being invincible use a fire ring to kill the boss

Using the ring chest will freeze the game while jumping kind of works, moving does work when running, you can still go into the menu.

Note: This can further be used for ACE and even a credits warp.



Undying Ark

Location: Castle main hall (0x1D8)

Effect: Ark becomes intractable, which means enemies can no longer interact with him and he can't die.

Lasting: This effect ends when changing the room and your HP is set to 1HP or when you are eating any healing item in-game though if you eat something you will die.


  1. Reduce your HP so a single hit from the Cursed Armor enemy will kill you
  2. Lure one of the enemies to the top of the stairs
  3. Trigger the cutscene from when walking up the stairs
  4. Hope to be hit by the enemy

Alternative method:

  1. Get diseased by on of the bats in the cellar of the castle
  2. Go into the cutscene
  3. During the first dialog hold any direction this will keep the disease doing damage to you, do this until no more damage numbers appear.
  4. Continue the cutscene



Terra ud gl.png

Endless Dark Twins Boss

Location: Dark Twins Boss (0x014D)

Effect: Dark Twins respawns when Ark leave the room hence can be endlessly be farmed for XP when its killed while jumping off the stage.

Each kill gives you 500 XP which is a lot around the early levels and can be used to quickly level up to 15.

Lasting: Endless until the cutscene is triggered.


  1. Wait for the Dark Twins to be in a good position on the sides and kill it while jumping off

Desert Skip

Location: Taklama (0x206)

Effect: Skip correct path which saves time


  1. Walk northwest until two close stones appear then walk to the north till the skull appears then walk out left.

Stored Level Up

Location: Any with an enemy

Effect: A level up is stored and triggered at certain in-game events. This allows you to walk over water and holes.

Lasting: Till certain events: stop moving, enter other room, talk to people


  1. Get enough experience points so that the next enemy will result in a level up
  2. Die while killing an enemy
  3. Hold L this will automatically open the save screen
  4. Your level up is now stored

Effect: View

Swim anywhere and undying

Location: Any place with water and enemies

Effect: You can swim anywhere but walls still have collision and you can't die when you have 0 HP.

Lasting: Till changing rooms


  1. See video: View

Door Opening Scene Skip

Location: Room with forbidden door (0x0C)

Effect: The cutscene after opening the door is skipped


  1. Use one pot to damage the door once
  2. Take another pot, stand about below the lowest guy and then run+throw and walk right out

Clear text box skip

Location: Any textbox with clear background

Effect: Text is skipped


  1. Press select to open menu
  2. Close menu

Sidenote: This is actually mentioned on the official website:

「かごめかごめ」の歌詞が消える?   (The lyrics of "Kagome Kagome" disappear?)
シルバイン城のボス、ブラッディーマリーと戦う前の「かごめかごめ」。 ("Kagome Kagome" before fighting the boss of Sylvain Castle, Bloody Mary.)
このときセレクトを押してアイテムウインドウを出してから元の画面に戻す。 (At this time, press Select to bring out the item window and return to the original screen.)
すると「かごめかごめの」歌詞が消えてしまうよ。 (Then the lyrics of "Kagome Kagome" will disappear.)


These are things that might help trigger other glitches or bugs.

Ring move to Center

Location: Any

Instructions: Use any ring that moves you to the centre like the orcane ring, during the move all on-touch and range-triggers will be triggered. After the magic use you will be returned to your original position and can go into the chest and use any item.

  1. See video: View
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